Friday, March 16, 2012

Summer Time

I like having fun in the summer, so I made a list of things to do and will be keeping track of everything with subsequent blog posts:

  • Bike tour in Oregon
  • Weekend in Vegas
  • Twilight Concert Series
  • Sliding Rock
  • Tube the Provo River
  • Mona tire swing
  • Make ice cream (kofe)
  • Mexican dancing (with my neighbors in Magna)
  • Bonfire (on the beach or in the canyon)
  • Spiral jetty
  • Chemistry love photo shoot
  • Garden (tomatoes, basil)
  • Camping (Arches, Goblin Valley)
  • Make arroz con leche
  • Sunday dinner with friends
  • Book club
  • Crepe night
  • ice blocking
  • Triathalon
  • 5k with mom
  • Bookshelf build
  • Random acts of kindness for neighbors
  • Community art (random eyes on objects, colormekatie inspired project)
  • Temple tour (visit all the temples in Utah)
  • Eat at roadside taco stand

1 comment:

Lex Hokanson said...

You've inspired me. Since this is going to be my last summer in Provo for a while I decided that I would start a list of my own. I'm gonna be watching so you better do all the things on your list or else...